6To judge the precision of wristwatches is depend on its escapement system; however the key of the escapement system is the Balance Wheel, We know, the maximal characteristic of Rolex movement is the precision, why so precision, about 90% of contribution must owe to the balance wheel. Whenever people mention this balance wheel, almost all of the watch Maintenance Planner will provoke thumbs up, because is so intelligence, First the balance is very big, the diameter is about 1cm, big size means they have better inertial effect and more effective to ensure the balance of the oscillating regularity.

Second, this balance wheel made of beryllium copper, this material has the feature of paramagnetism and low-grade fever dilatation coefficient. Not only can make the balance wheel escape the magnetic interference, also don’t have to worry about because of temperature change caused by the expansion and contraction of metal effects, except the materials, the working accuracy is also very high, To insure the balance wheel which install the center of watches movement reach balance perfectly, must adopt the solid rodlike material and manufacturing error is only two over one thousand of a millimeter. In addition, as a result of its use the four arm beam design, even in the very bad environment, high quality replica watches still can rise to the occasion.

Said its intelligence, we have to method the four fine-tuning bolt which install on the balance wheel. This bolt has fun relatively. Because of its thickness is different with “1 second screw” and “2 seconds screw”, Use a special tool to mobilize “1 second screw”, the daily rate of watches will increase or decrease of 1 second, mobilize one screw 2 seconds, the daily rate will increase or reduce 2 seconds, so in theory, the error of rolex watches can’t more than 2 seconds.

Except the precision of replica watches online, the other feature is higher chain efficiency, It’s the only movement in the world which still keep the status of the full string even people in daily office. Of course, all this is thanks to the invincible two-way chain system, the two big red rounds is the most important, and no one knows what material they use. The system is running without any noise.



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